Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paint by Number Wall

About a year ago I was reading through the blogs that I follow and I saw this post about a Paint by Number wall:
This is from the blog:

this fantastic wall makeover comes from scott and cheryl white in michigan. inspired by paint by number artwork, they decided to turn an ebay painting into their own custom wall mural. after their paint-by-number painting arrived from ebay, scott made a color transparency of it and borrowed a friend’s projector to trace it on the wall with pencil. scott and cheryl created a chart of all the colors, recreating their own numbering system. then after a trip to michael’s to pick up paints, scott and cheryl painted in their large-scale paint-by-numbers mural by hand over a period of eight months. the final results are stunning and i’m so glad scott and cheryl had the inspiration to create something so fun on their walls. well done, guys!

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Back to me...
So here is my paint by number wall:
I have to admit that I LOVE the retro feel of their artwork.  But I am way to lazy to actually draw out the design myself so I bought a kit for an 11x14 paint by number of the Adirondacks because we LOVE to spend a week there every summer.   I used an overhead projector to project the image onto the wall and trace the pattern.

I then enlisted a little help from my husband, anyone who came to use our pool, and my 6yr old son.  We had to trace all of the lines before moving the projector, so we traced the entire design in 2 days

(what a cute assistant)

and then started painting.  

we have just matched up the colors in the kit with acrylic paints like these:

(as of April 2012)
Andrew (5 years old)

As of October 2012
You can find paint by number kits here:
We are working on it slowly, anytime we have a party or gathering, or just feel like doing it we paint.  I will eventually post "DONE" pictures but to be honest I never want it to be done.  It is the perfect way to relax after a long day.  I might have to start a new one when this is finally finished.

another blogger that has done a paint by number wall:

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