Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who am I? Good question.

Who am I?

So I was listening to a random shuffle of songs on my ipod when I thought about putting a personal profile on my online classroom for my students.  I've been told that I need to do it so my students get a sense of who I am and who I was as a student.  I've always avoided it because really how do you describe yourself?  We all like to believe that we are these adults with everything figured out and really how interesting is that?  Then one of my favorite songs (I'll mention it later) came on and I thought about a new spin to it…how would my friends from elementary school describe the type of student I was?  and how would my friends now describe me?  would they be similar?  would they be different?  We all like to believe that we are so advanced as adults and that we are much more dignified and sophisticated than we were at 6yrs old…after all I don't think a 6yr old eats goat cheese or loves a great glass of Merlot.
So, I guess I would describe 6yr old me as a hard working student who did what she needed to do, when she needed to do it…so she could get to the fun stuff.  I always paid attention to the teacher so I could get my work done as soon as possible so I could spend the rest of my day building something or making something. For example, we had very old desks at my school that still had a big hole at the top known as the ink well. (For those of you who don't know, that's where they would put a bottle of ink so you could dip your pen nib into it and then write on your paper until you needed to do it again to write the next sentence, etc) The chair was attached to the desktop so it was all one piece…I have to find a picture of this so you know what I'm talking about…
So once I had my classwork done I would spend the entire rest of the day turning my desk into a car known as KITT.  KITT was the name of the car on the TV show Knight Rider and it was one of my favorite TV shows.
I would spend hours in class creating paper headlights, tail lights, bumpers, control panels, and yes, even doors that opened and closed so I could get into my desk everyday and would shut them behind me.  I thought about permanently taping them shut and sliding into the top like they did on the Dukes of Hazzard but that would have been crazy ;) I wish I had pictures of these.
What made me think about 6yr old me was the song Land Down Under by Men at Work. This was my favorite song at the time (and secretly still now I guess it's not a secret anymore).  Back then I used to take a tape player and record songs off the radio and pretend I had my own radio station "WAMY" I would talk about the songs, the weather, and then send my listeners into the next song probably Abracadabra, or the "Put another Dime in the Jukebox" song.  I wonder if my parents have any of these cassette tapes…
Then I started realizing that 36 year old Amy isn't very different than 6yr old Amy. Sure I have some scars I didn't have then and I have learned some things here or there, and a couple college degrees I am responsible for 2 little boys and not just a dog, but aren't we all fundamentally the same person we were 30 years ago?  A couple years ago I came across my report card from pre-school and I was amused whe I read the teacher's comments that essentially said that I was more than content to color and build with the blocks instead of dancing and pretending to be an animal or act like a tree.  DUH I thought. But then I realized that some people do like to do those things but they just weren't for me. I realized that she was describing "AMY" not preschool Amy, but AMY.  So who am I?
I am:
"Momma" to two wonderful boys,
"Wifey" to a wonderful and more patient than he should be husband
Biology Teacher to 102 incredibly talented and creative students

so those are my adult descriptions…
I also am:
an artist
fort builder
maker of anything
sew-er (sp?)(sewwer? sewer?) I like to sew.
and DJ

Let me send you off to some of the best songs out there:

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  1. See now, I was one of those freaks pretending to be an animal or acting like a tree...actually I still do those things.