Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vocab Review Template

It's that time of year again...Review Time!
Although we are still finishing up out last unit of the year, we have started end of the year review to get ready for the Regents Exam on June 17th.

I have seen this review game in several different places and haven't tried it out yet. 

I have printed them out on cardstock and cut them out and put them into plastic baggies. (All teachers know how much time it takes the students to cut stuff out and especially at review time...time is precious)

I created a template and a couple of these games already and just yesterday I received 3 emails from my fellow Biology Listserve teachers looking for such a here ya go.

Here is a link to the template in the iCloud (Pages format)

I have shared it for free in my new Teachers Pay Teachers Page here is the link:

I will also be posted more of these for different units for a nominal fee at:

What review games do you and your students like?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Presenting at NYSCATE's Digital Learning Summit 2014

On Monday March 31st I had the wonderful opportunity to present at the Digital Leadership Conference in Liverpool, NY. Many of the attendees were school district administrators from all over New York State. I am very grateful that NYSCATE believes in teachers like me and helps teachers to learn new and innovative ways to motivate students in the classroom. 
Online learning is something that I could talk about for hours (literally) and I ran out of time to cover my entire presentation so I have shared my presentation here.

From the Trenches: Life in a Blended Learning Classroom 

Presenter: Amy Balling is NABT's 2013 Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year for New York State.

This session will address triumphs and struggles faced in the past four years of running a blended Regents biology class. We will take a look at how online learning helps to address the needs of the students in a mixed classroom with students at various levels of ability. You will walk away with cost-effective strategies and free tools to enhance your traditional classroom and get you on your way to creating your own blended learning environment.