Monday, August 10, 2015

New Classroom?!?!

     I am moving into a new classroom. I have been in my current room for a good chunk of time (11 wonderful years) and I love the light and storage it has. When I think back it blows me away that I moved into this room before my two sons were born. I have changed from a newish teacher into a mom in this room. I am welcoming the change as a new rebirth in a way. I've loved the current room but I am looking forward to a new change. 

     Eleven years ago Pinterest didn't exist and over the years I have found inspiration in other teacher's classrooms and eventually from blogs and slowly changed my classroom into everything I wanted it to be. A place for me and my students to find comfort and fun and I wanted a room that embodies that. 

     Moving into a new room allows me to rethink my decorating scheme and what I want the room to project to my students. My new room is an older room, and it has some serious strengths (amazing long bookcases and office area) and some weaknesses (small old sinks, leaky windows, how to organize those bookcases, small teacher lab table, etc) but I think that this will be a great challenge and will make me a better teacher. With the addition of Pinterest, this time, I'm able to study different philosophies about classroom design. Did you know that most blog posts about classroom design are about elementary classrooms? Why is that? Do secondary teachers not need to create an enjoyable space for themselves and their students? I don't get it and that's the main reason why I am posting this now. 

     During the school year (September through June) I spend the majority of my hours in that room and so do my students. I want it to be a place that they and I want to be.
     Over the years I have been following different movements in classroom design. Most of the classroom design you find on the web involves bright colors and visual stimulation everywhere. I have followed the "BRIGHTS!" design philosophy in the past by thinking that I needed to make my room more exciting. After studying what has been done with 3rd Teacher and the Reggio classroom movements I am starting to rethink my philosophy. I'm looking to streamline the visual stimulation in my classroom so it is minimalized and is more meaningful.

Here's a sneak peek:
My Classroom design board on Pinterest
The Reggio-ish classroom posts I have found on Pinterest.
The Third Teacher's book can be purchased on amazon at this link.
Make Space can be purchased at this link.
Blueprint for Tomorrow can be purchased at this link.

     I have studied these books ad nauseum and wish that I had an unlimited budget. I am unfortunately restrained to a budget that most teachers need to follow: "How much of my own money can I use before my spouse gets mad?"

     I'm not in the room yet but wait for more blog posts to see what I have planned and what I am working on. Some of it might be useful to you and your classroom too. Feel free to send me ideas that you have for your classroom or designs you have found useful.

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