Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources with the Bucky Ball Review Game

This is the latest craze in review...THE BUCKY BALL! and perfect for all subjects. The student fills in Questions and Answers to those questions on the ball by using their notes.
For example: Student would write a question at Q1
and then write the corresponding answer on  A1.

After all questions and answers are on the ball, the student would cut it out and tape it together. 
(I recommend putting a small ball of paper inside to give it support)

Completed Bucky Ball
 How to review with the Bucky Ball:  Roll the ball and read the question on the TOP...
Question #11: A Picture of the Data of an experiment is known as a...

On the opposite side (BOTTOM) of the ball is the answer to that question.

Answer #11: Graph

Play and trade with your friends!

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