Sunday, September 16, 2012

4c: Communicating with Families by creating a movie trailer for your class

 Yes, a movie trailer. To get students and parents excited about my course and to get more students to sign up for it I have created a movie trailer to drum up interest.

All teachers eventually realize that we are in advertising. I believe that my obsession with infomercials and the way they can make me want to buy a product that I really don't need makes me a better teacher. If you think about it we are trying to sell a product that students usually wouldn't want. We need to see them as customers with a choice, not inmates serving time. (paraphrasing David Warlick; his blog is at

I don't think that teachers usually do a very good job of tooting their own horn. You work hard as a professional, show it off!
Here is the trailer to promote my course:

(made with iMovie for the Mac)

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