Tuesday, October 9, 2012

4a: Reflecting on Teaching with an organized "TO DO" folder

     Like any other teacher I am constantly revising my curriculum based on student likes/dislikes, new motivation strategies, incorporating new labs, review games, etc. It is very overwhelming to keep it organized so here is the method I have devised.
     I have a folder where I keep all ideas for future units. In that folder there is a separate sheet of paper for each unit.
a separate sheet for each unit
Any random ideas I generate throughout the year that would apply to that unit are jotted down on a post-it note and stuck onto the sheet of paper.
post-it notes with ideas
post-it notes with ideas
     What did we ever do before paperclips and Post-it Notes?

Any labs that I want to rewrite or handouts I have found are paper clipped to that sheet of paper. This way I am more likely to revise the units as I go through the year.
labs, handouts for rewrites and modifications paper clipped to it.

 This is what works for me.  How do you organize all of those future ideas and modifications?

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