Saturday, November 24, 2012

1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of and Acquisition of Resources with Mini-Grants

Yay! We are getting a mini grant!
     My school district is very fortunate to have an amazing alumni foundation: Lancaster Education and Alumni Foundation (LEAF).  Here is a link to their Facebook page: LEAF. This year they were offering several mini-grants that teachers in our district could apply for if they have a new idea to use in the classroom.  My proposal involved the use of two iPad mini's, and several apps to help students work together to develop higher level thinking skills and to address some common social concerns such as bullying.

Although it would have been ideal to have two iPad mini's which are each slightly cheaper but it looks like we are instead getting one iPad 2. Hey, it isn't too often that a teacher is able to get supplies for her classroom without spending some of her hard earned money every bit helps and I guess I'll just apply again next year. I'll keep trying.

An iPad like the one above will be a welcome addition to our classroom and we look forward to her arrival around January 1st.
   These are some of the apps were a part of the mini-grant:
Reflection app (which allows you to mirror the iPad to your Interactive White board via wi-fi)
Evernote app (which allows you to take a picture of anything with your iPad and share with every device and everyone you know. I use it to take a picture of my agenda on the board everyday so all of my students...even those at home, on home instruction, or one vacation can see what we did that day)

ClassDojo app (you can read about this one on my post here

If you have some apps that you love to use and that we should look at...please comment below and share with us. I need to submit a list of apps by January 1st so they can be put on to the iPad.

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