Friday, November 30, 2012

1f: Designing Student Assessments with iPods for Testing Modifications

     A common problem for many teachers (especially special education teachers) is finding a way to be in two places at once. Especially when it comes to students with testing modifications especially those students who need to have tests read out loud to them. Several years ago; with the help of a special ed teacher Jenny Beyer; we started a project to help other teachers in the school record their test questions for students to play back on a district owned iPod nano.

Here was our rationale:

To provide students with an audio file of each test question in order to make customized testing accommodations for each individual student. Teachers will record an audio file of the individual test questions and these questions will then be loaded onto an iPod for student use during the test.  This will allow each student an opportunity to take the test at their own pace while still having the test read to him/her.  Frequently students feel anxiety when having a test read to them because they often will need to have the questions repeated or have the test read slower but they often don't ask for these accommodations because they don't want to be singled out.  The use of these iPods will allow these students an opportunity to listen to the questions multiple times and allow them time to comprehend the questions at hand, in their own time frame. Students additionally could be allowed to remain in the general education setting while taking tests if they wish; thus reducing time in a more restrictive setting.

Here is a link to the brochure we handed out to the teachers:
Click here to open the brochure

When we started this project we used the 5th generation iPod Nano and Tunes 9.
Here are the instructional videos for the teachers:
How-To Videos:
Video 1: How to Record the Questions [1.09min]

Video 2: How to Save the Question [1.17min]

Video 3: Get Ready to Record the next Question [1.10min]

Video 4: How to put the Test on to iTunes [0.53min]

Video 5: How to Name the Album [0.44min]

Video 6: How to Clear the iPod [0.38min]

Video 7: How to Put the Recorded Test Questions on the iPod [0.31min]

Video 8: How to Remove the iPod [0.26min]

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