Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4d Participating in a Professional Community by Applying to be an Apple Distinguished Educator

     So, I am applying to be an Apple Distinguished Educator. 
     I have been in love with Apple products for quite a while now, I love to use technology with my students on a daily basis because I see the amazing ways that technology can be used in education to motivate struggling students and I want to expand my professional learning community and learn even more ways to help my students. 
     I am really hopeful that I get in this year. Apple receives thousands of applications and selects only 75 individuals in North America. 
       IF I get in I will have the opportunity to join the global community of Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs), I’ll advise Apple on integrating technology into learning environments. I’ll author authentic content about my work. I’ll advocate the use of Apple products that help engage students like never before. And I’ll be an ambassador of innovation, participating in and presenting at education events around the world. Being part of the ADE community is much more than an honor—it’s an opportunity to make a difference. I'm so excited at the prospect of joining them in Austin, Texas this July for training. Keep your fingers crossed.

You can find out more information on Apple's website here:

It's a two-part application
          Part 1:
          Complete the application. You’ll need to answer some questions. But mostly, they want you to tell them how you’re using Apple products in your teaching to engage, inspire, and help students learn in new ways and to show them your passion for innovative teaching.
          Part 2:
          Shoot the video. Make a two-minute movie of your story. Show them how you’re integrating Apple technology into your learning environment in meaningful ways. Demonstrate how you are engaging students and lifelong learners in ways they’ve never experienced before. Finally, show them how you are influencing other educators to help transform teaching and learning.
It would be a HUGE honor to be accepted. 

Since I put so much time into it and I want to is my application video and my story about how I use Apple products in my classroom to improve learning and retention of knowledge for my students:

Here are some other Apple Distinguished Educator application videos...some got in...some didn't...ADE on youtube

Keep those fingers crossed until I tell you to stop...

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