Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting ready for back to school with frozen breakfast sandwiches

I don't know about you but I LOVE egg breakfast sandwiches. I actually think it might be an addiction. I can't imagine having the time on school mornings to make breakfast so I am making up sandwiches to throw in the freezer so they can be microwaved in the morning.

In the past I bought these Jimmy Dean D-lights but they are pretty expensive and they are a bit too chewy after microwaving.

So after some careful internet research on the following blogs:
after a lot of trial and error I have developed my own favorite/healthier version with the following ingredients:
my favorite is "Southwestern"

one piece per sandwich

Everything BagelThins are my favorite
In the past I have cooked the eggs in the oven in a muffin pan like I saw here on Pinterest

but the eggs were too small for the bagel.  That's a deal breaker for me so I bought a very small nonstick pan like this one and it made all the difference. It does take longer because I have to cook the eggs for each sandwich individually but now my bagel sandwich has egg in every bite.

After they are assembled and cool I wrap each sandwich in a paper towel and then in aluminum foil and place in the freezer. 

To microwave them in the morning I remove the foil and place the paper towel-wrapped sandwich in the microwave. 

Microwave on 40% power for 1:40 
flip it over and then microwave on high for 50 seconds.

What do you do to make your morning routine easier?

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