Thursday, September 12, 2013

2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport with Popcorn

     While following TheThirdTeacher+ and in reading their book I have realized that in some ways school is not meeting their learning needs so I am doing everything in my power to change that in the little part of the school that I call my classroom.  In 1954, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow published his book  Motivation and Personality in which he addressed student needs and pointed out that if the basic physiological needs (at the bottom) weren't met then nothing at a higher level could be achieved.

     Although I can't meet every one of their needs I can try my best to make sure that at least they aren't hungry. I don't know about your students but mine are ALWAYS hungry. Not just hungry but some of them are downright hangry.

     So the idea is, in theory, that if they are not hungry then they at least have a fighting chance at getting to a higher level of learning and comprehension and problem-solving.   So, I've been trying to find an easy, healthy, inexpensive way to feed 100 students everyday.  I know what you're can't eat in a science classroom however in my class the most dangerous chemical we use all year is distilled vinegar so I think we'll be alright.
     In the past, I've used an air popper to make popcorn for my students when they share claymation videos that they created (someday I will post about this) but now I am planning to have popcorn available everyday. 

FYI: microwave popcorn is banned in our and most school buildings that's why I airpop the popcorn, also airpopped popcorn is cheaper!  One of their optional supplies this year was a bag of popcorn kernels and they are really into this idea and the bags of popcorn have been coming in! I'm supplying the airpopper, a big bowl, and papertowel. 

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