Monday, September 2, 2013

A gift for the newest little lady in the family

     My newest niece was born August 28th and I wanted to give her a unique present (we don't have too many little girls in our family and I have only boys) so it gave me an excuse to use some pink. Boy, do I need some pink in my life.

 I started knitting this sweater a couple years ago but everybody kept having boys. Once I found out that the next baby was going to be a girl I got to work finishing it.

     Emma's mom loves Toms shoes (as do I) so I realized that I needed to add her own version of Toms shoes called "Emmas."
I followed the directions and used the pattern on this site:
the "Emmas" I made

The sweater pattern I used is a Debbie Bliss pattern and can be found here: Baby Shrug

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